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DOING returns in a revamped form for three nights only at KXT as a part of the 2019 KXT Step Up Festival, running from 10th-12 September 2019.

Written and Directed by Amy Sole

Featuring Mikaela Beckett, Jordyn Fulcher, Cameron Hutt, Meg Hyeronimus,

Francisco Lopez, Amy Sole, Maddy Steadman 

and with Lex Marinos as "Frank".

DOING is broken into different recurring stories, snippets of humanity. Two strangers talking about a flower. Two lovers talking about the universe. An absurd dinner party, two strangers discussing humanity, obnoxious guests, a host that just wants everything to go to plan, it doesn’t. A young girl who is exploiting herself because the future is unclear.

A disconnected human. 

And a man and his box.

DOING is an absurdly beautiful abstract piece about humanity and the purpose of existence. This play answers the meaning of life. 

Assistant Director Emma Horn || Composer Ali Zoghi || Stage Manager Angela Atkinson

Produced by Stephanie Black and Gareth Sole

Presented by Puddle or Pond in association with KXT.

"Excuse me, sorry to bother you, I was just wondering why you

were looking at that flower?"

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