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DOING is an exciting new work that is currently in development. This brand new work is now ready to have its first audience and we would love you to be a part of it! 

Thanks to the amazing people at KXT bAKEHOUSE, we have the opportunity to manifest this script in front of a small, supportive audience, in the Bordello Room, Level 4 KX Hotel for a limited run as part of the KXT Popupstairs program.

Written and Directed by Amy Sole

Featuring Mathilde Anglade, Amy Victoria Brooks, Alex Francis, Jordyn Fulcher, Phoebe Grainer,

Cameron Hutt,  Nicole Pingon, Michaela Savina, Davey Seagle, Cassie Smith, Nicole Wineberg 

and with Lex Marinos being frank (excluding Saturday)

DOING is broken into different recurring stories, snippets of humanity. Two strangers talking about a flower. Two lovers talking about the universe. An absurd dinner party, two strangers discussing humanity, obnoxious guests, a host that just wants everything to go to plan, it doesn’t. A young girl who is exploiting herself because the future is unclear.

A disconnected human. 

And a man and his box.

DOING is an absurdly beautiful abstract piece about humanity and the purpose of existence. This play answers the meaning of life. Or does it? It does? Does it? It definitely does... not?..

Composer Ali Zoghi || Costume Design Siobhán Jett O’Hanlon || Lighting Design Liam Okeefe || 

Set Design Lucy McCullough || Stage Manager Angela Atkinson || Marketing Manager  Felicity Anderson


Produced by Stephanie Black & Gareth Sole

"Excuse me, sorry to bother you, I was just wondering why you

were looking at that flower?"

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